How to Read More Often

Hi everyone! It’s Michael Gortenburg here. 

Reading as a hobby can be difficult. For many such as myself, the main problem you face is simply finding the time. When we have other commitments to attend to, it can be easy to let reading fall to the wayside. I wanted to share some ways for you to make the time to pick up a book!

Make a list of books you want to read

It’s easier to make time for reading when you feel excited to read. Look up books in your favorite genre and make a list of books you can look forward to. I’ve found websites like Goodreads especially helpful when trying to narrow down my next read. 

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Start by reading a few pages each day

If it’s been a while, don’t be afraid to set a lower number as your reading goal. Try reading just 15 or 20 pages a night before you go to bed. It’ll be a great way to reduce your screen time before bed and ease yourself back into the habit. If you keep it up, soon enough you’ll be able to get through pages at a quicker pace. 

Listen to audiobooks. 

Many of us are leading busy lives and don’t often have the time to physically sit down and read a book. What I’ve found helpful is listening to audiobooks as I’m cleaning, exercising, or driving in the car. Audiobooks are a great, hands-free alternative. Audiobooks tend to be pricier than their hardcopy counterparts, so I suggest using a library app like Libby to get access and support your local public library. 

Use the Library

It can be hard to fully commit to buying a book when you’re first starting to get back into reading. Libraries will help save you money and give you a time limit. If you’re someone who’s motivated by a deadline, a library due date could be the perfect solution to get you reading. 

Join a book club

What might be holding you back from making more time for reading is not having anyone to talk about your book with. A book club can make your reading experience more engaging as many will provide their members with questions to keep in mind as they read. Whether you love or hate a book, you’ll have a group of people to discuss your thoughts with. 

Reading is a great hobby to cultivate but can be difficult to make time for. Once you figure out which reading methods work best for you, you’ll be zipping through your pile of books in no time. 

Michael Gortenburg, Founding Principal of Eighteen Capital Group (18CG) in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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